Mirka Hattula’s, OSA, work consists mostly of portraits and human figure representations. Intrigued by the possibility to reflect something beyond only the resemblance of the model, her current paintings depict the essence, the personality or the emotion of the subject. Reoccurring themes in her paintings are womanhood and children in their sincerity and vulnerability. Mirka leaves partly unfinished segments in her paintings to create tension and interest in the image as a metaphor of growth and change, as well as to emphasize the essential in the painting.

Mirka was born in Finland 1976 and moved to Canada with her family 2009 where she started her artistic journey. She was selected as member of a prestige Ontario society of Artists, a professional association for visual artists. Her artworks have been shown in several exhibitions around GTA and Vancouver, and her portraits are found in numerous private collections in Canada, Great Britain and Finland. After ten years in Canada, this former craft teacher (M.ed) is now back in Finland, pursuing her passion for arts in Espoo.